Current events have driven our economy to be
much more reliant on digital connectivity…


…and has illuminated the digital divide between
those that HAVE access to technology and
those that DON’T much greater.

Help us unlock a $200,000 challenge grant by donating today!  #BeyondTheLaptops

It all started with some laptops…

1,000 laptops to be exact. Neighborhood Allies and Computer Reach hoped to distribute computers to local families stuck at home under the COVID-19 lockdown. But, their supply of donated computers did not come with power adapters. Normally sourced in bulk from a factory, the COVID-19 pandemic caused global supply chain delays that would have caused the adapters to arrive in Pittsburgh three months from the date of purchase. With families out of work and students relying on distance learning, this was not acceptable.

With the help of the University of Pittsburgh’s procurement channels and the Pittsburgh Technology Council’s endorsements, the original adapters were secured. But as the story spread, it quickly became clear that Pittsburghers needed more devices, network access, and wrap-around supports to weave it all together. This was exactly the type of cause that spoke to the self-driving car company Aurora, who built a coalition of companies and foundations to donate funds, hardware, and expertise, initiating the ‘Beyond the Laptops’ challenge. The challenge is a creative public-private partnership created to leverage the technology industry in Pittsburgh and elevate our collective social responsibility to help our neighbors and communities in times of need.

We have secured a challenge grant fund worth $200,000. With your help, we can unlock these funds dollar-for-dollar and help add one more bridge to the Pittsburgh landscape…the bridge to eliminate the digital divide for our region’s families.



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Beyond the Laptops Challenge

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Access to hardware is still a pressing need in Pittsburgh and surrounding communities. If you or your company have devices to donate, please contact Computer Reach.

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County households lack computers

Students in Pgh Public Schools need computers

Dollars for one computer refurbishment

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Ensure the continued vitality of our communities during this time of need.

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